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Summer Fruits
From childhood nostalgia to innocence lost, Stuart Russell shares his defining memories of summer in this punnet of poetry.
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The Nut Owl
Adventure awaits the curious Nut Owl who must travel the multiverse to safely deliver the last space seed.
The Egg Dealer
Stuart Russell seeks his ancestor, a mysterious egg dealer, to piece together his involvement in a brutal Scottish murder. (TX: 22.09.2019 BBC Radio 3)
Above the Persea Tree
The moon is our closest link to space, but can its mythology help us in understanding the universe?
2019  SRA, Best Speech Programming (Gold)
2019  NYF, Best Documentary (Bronze)
The Wave Museum
Follow artists on a trip to an imagined coast and together, enter an immersive chamber of sound.
Poetical Podcast
A series of dreamscapes from the mind of poet and producer, Stuart Russell.
2018  Kevin Greening Award for Creativity (Gold)
2018  SRA, Best Podcast (Gold)
The Brain Garden - Logo.png
The Brain Garden
Stuart Russell explores his memories, from pre-existence to the fear of death.
2018  NYF, Best Documentary (Silver)
Search for the Spirit
Believers and non-believers search for the elusive human spirit.